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Real-time feedback, progress charts & levels

Get instant feedback from our tutors and learn how you can improve your piano playing techniques. Make track of your progress using the tools of our website and share your success with friends.

Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Learn the basics and the theory of playing the piano through simple video lessons and tutorials.
Music library

Music library

Play your favorites from Lady Gaga, John Legend, Coldplay, Queen, Billy Joel, Scott Joplin, Beethoven and hundreds more. Everything from Pop to Rock to Disney to Jazz to Classical.
Favorite Songs

Favorite Songs

Use the songs that you love to learn piano the way you enjoy. It’s easy and 100% efficient.
Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback

You’ll get feedback with literally every note you play, as soon as you play it. Play a note right, it turns green; play it wrong, it turns red; play it with the wrong rhythm, it turns yellow.
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Personalized exercises, music, and warmups

We provide individually tailored exercises to meet our students’ learning pace and musical interests. It helps to better understand the basics and develop all necessary skills.

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The fast way from a beginner to pro

Whatever your goal is, Pianify can help you progress from beginner level to intermediate or even advanced and practice the songs you like as well as write your own music.

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Piano Learning Apps | Best Piano App

Hundreds of fun songs to learn play

At Pianify, you can easily learn any song that you love. Start with practicing chords and move on to building your piano skills as you proceed and get live feedback from our teachers.

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10 courses for different skill levels

We offer a wide variety of online piano learning courses that cover the needs of all our students from beginners to advanced. You are sure to find the piano course you need at Pianify!

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Pianify is your #1 way to learn piano quickly while also enjoying the process.

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