Top free piano learning apps 2023

Looking for the best piano learning app in 2023? You’ve come to the right place. Discover the top 5 apps to help you master the piano. Keep reading for more information!

The piano remains one of the most beloved and versatile instruments globally, perfect for any genre and accompaniment. Becoming an excellent pianist takes years of dedication and practice, often starting with expensive early lessons. But don’t worry! Technology offers a solution through piano learning apps. Self-study is now possible, and these apps can help you become proficient in just a few months with time and effort. This guide highlights the best apps to learn piano hassle-free, taking you through each step of your musical journey.

Here’s a List of the 5 Best Apps to Learn Piano in 2023

Skoove – Personalized lessons for even starters

Skoove stands out with its quality interactive lessons tailored to your skill level. This user-friendly app utilizes AI technology to analyze your playing and provide real-time feedback. Dive into a variety of genres and playing styles as you explore techniques, music theory, sight-reading, and improvisation. Skoove’s extensive music selection includes classical masterpieces and today’s chart-toppers, including hits from Coldplay, Adele, John Legend, and retro gems from The Beatles.

Skoove is available on tablet Source: Skoove

Flowkey – Simple and Effective Piano Learning

Flowkey offers straightforward and effective piano learning. While it lacks gamification features, it excels at concrete lessons without distractions. With a focus on teaching songs and music theory, Flowkey caters to learners of all levels. You’ll receive immediate feedback, and video lessons can be tailored to your abilities and preferences. The app covers various genres and offers a structured curriculum for beginners.

Flowkey Piano app (source: internet)

Simply Piano – A choice for all ages 

For a gamification-style approach, Simply Piano is a popular choice. Earn rewards for your progress as you delve into its curriculum, which caters to basic and advanced piano techniques. The AI-generated feedback keeps learners motivated, although some users find it slightly inaccurate. Big kids and younger learners will enjoy playing their favorite Disney songs and more, making it an ideal family-friendly option.

Play Simply Piano everywhere, everwhen Source: MusicRadar

Pianify – AI-powered lessons with a personalized journey

Pianify offers comprehensive piano courses, allowing learners to master the fundamentals in bite-sized portions. Choose courses based on your goals, whether it’s playing as a soloist, accompanist, or from lead sheets. The app boasts an extensive collection of songs, ranging from popular hits to classical masterpieces and captivating soundtrack melodies. Its interactive learning experience includes instant feedback to help you track progress and enhance your playing abilities.

Pianify is the best Piano learning app to try

Yousician – A Multi-Instrumental Learning Experience

Yousician is not just limited to piano but extends to guitar, ukulele, and vocal skills. The app offers hundreds of missions to complete, unlocking higher levels and tasks as you progress. Yousician listens to your music and provides real-time feedback for accurate notations. Enjoy step-by-step lessons from virtual teachers as you improve your musical talents.

Youcican enables you to learn various instruments, Source: Yousican


These top piano learning apps are here to make your musical journey enjoyable and rewarding. Whether you prefer interactive lessons, gamified learning, or comprehensive courses, there’s an app tailored to your needs. So, why wait? Begin your adventure with these fantastic apps and let the piano melodies fill your life with joy and harmony.

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